Spiral Dynamics

What is it?

The colors

Some other notes

Some applications of Spiral Dynamics

  • To a beige person: here’s a car for $250 since you’re just scraping by.
  • To a purple person: this car is the best car for your tribe.
  • To a red person: this car is SEXY. It will get you laid. Men drive this car.
  • To a blue person: this car is practical, safe, and built in America.
  • To an orange person: this car has all the latest bells and whistles.
  • To a green person: this car is good for the environment and mankind.

Individual development

The second tier

Applications of the second tier

  • BEIGE: I will watch out for this type of weather in the future so I can continue to survive.
  • PURPLE: our God is angry with America. We have deserved this. We must repent and pray.
  • RED: I will use my power to help these people, whatever it takes.
  • BLUE: let us donate to a charity to help the victims of this tragedy. It is our duty under God to help the needy.
  • ORANGE: I will work hard to develop an improved satellite system to more accurately predict weather patterns in the future.
  • GREEN: let us welcome the displaced into our homes and extend our inclusive love to all people.






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